Chapter 1

Although the weather is impeccable and the golden sun reflecting off of the sea is creating the most beautiful silhouettes of your friends and family, you are growing tired of the chitter chatter. You decide to wander away from the crowd as you typically do at these sorts of gatherings. As you stroll up the hill, you discover a sign behind the sea grass that you don’t recall ever noticing before.

Curious, and perhaps a little bored, you decide to follow where it leads. You soon find yourself overlooking a rocky cove, with rather rough waves crashing against the beach. The sun is now gone, and has been replaced by a purple sheet across the sky, casting it’s hue across the entire earth. After your eyes adjust, something draws your attention by the waves. A girl!
You climb down the rocks more quickly than safely, kicking the sand up on your way over. Upon your arrival you see something peculiar. Is it the looming darkness playing tricks on your eyes? Does this girl truly have a fish’s tail instead of two legs? It can’t be, that was reserved for stories your mother told you just a few years ago. You get back to the most important task at hand. You begin to press on the girl’s chest, noticing how marvelously she is adorned. Her clothes feel of silk, much like her lovely long hair that you had to gently move in order to properly press upon her lungs.
Trying your hardest to not be distracted by her wonderful beauty, you lean down to give her some of your breath, and feel a tingling as your lips touch. Just moments later, the girl’s eyes open, revealing a blue that would make you believe you had never seen the color blue before, staring straight into yours. You are frozen. Never before had you seen into someone’s heart, someone’s soul, just by looking them in the eye. Yet the girl - who you could now confirm did, in fact, have a fish’s tail - backed away from you. You don’t know what to say, but you can’t unlock your eyes from her’s. Before you can muster up any words, she has made her way back into the ocean.