Desiring not only an adventure, but to see the mysterious fish girl once more, you set off for Pelagic Valley in search of the Flower of Alveolus.

Not long into the trails of the mountain, you begin to hear voices around you...

“No, you!”

“Quit being such a scaredy ferret!” 
“This one can help, get it’s attention!”

“What if it eats me?!”

“Hello?”  You say to the palms above, where the squeaky voices are coming from. 

“Wait shhhh! Can it understand us?”

“I think it can! Say something else! 

“No way, they can’t ever understand us!”

“If you can hear us, say ‘boogalaboo’”

Just then, two fully clothed mice fall onto your shoulders.


“I’m Patch!”

“Can you come with us?”

“We need your help!”

“How’r ya?”

“I’m Hazel!”

“Please please please?”

“Not a big deal at all, just a quick favor!”

“Ummm, I actually have somewhere to be. I’m sorry,” you reply as you continue walking with the mice lingering on your shoulders.

“Where d’ya have to be?”

“Oh whatcha goin’ there for?” 

“Pelagic Valley?!” says Hazel as she pulls the map out of your pocket without you even noticing.

“Hey! That’s mine!” You yell while attempting to grab Hazel to no avail. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m looking for the Flower of Alveolus.”

“Mmmmmhm. Yep, we do!”
“Oh we have a lot of those back at our place!” says Hazel, nodding her head towards Patch.

“Come with us, we’ll give you some!”

“You do? That’s great!” The mice jump off your shoulders and motion for you to follow them. As you follow, they whisper to each other, then turnaround and smile at you in unison.