“I don't know where to begin when it comes to creating alongside Luke. Like many other artists I'd imagine, it's really important to me that my visual story feels connected to the sonic and songwriting story I'm telling.

From the moment I met Luke, we clicked, and I knew he was the person I wanted to trust in helping me find and hone in on that visual story. He immerses himself in the art, whatever the project may be. If I send him a song, he listens. He thoughtfully comes up with ideas. Collaborating and building a plan together always feels so organic and natural.

Luke is patient beyond measure. When it comes to shoot days, I can honestly say I've never worked with any director / creator more diligent, professional, kind, honest, and resourceful. He somehow manages to keep the train moving, stay on schedule, while maintaining a sense of calm and open-ness - all while juggling a million things at once.

He makes you feel like you're the most important project he's working on - and that type of commitment to art, and to collaboration is one in a million.” 

-Emily Kopp, Lowen

“We’ve now worked with Luke and Mossflower Pictures on a couple different videography projects, with more coming in the future. It’s amazing what he’s able to depict and visualize after just a chat and a simple mood board.

With our first video, ‘It Used to Feel Right’, we changed what song we intended on shooting very last minute. I had a very minimal idea for the new choice, and MP was able to keep that intact, while only improving our general direction with their artistic talents.

Our second video, ‘Messed Up Your Hair’, was all Luke. We came to the table with only photos of past press releases that incorporated a sort of collage feel. MP had the vision, asked for our trust, and the rest was all them. Both were shot and edited in such a quick turnaround, with the end results being more than we ever hoped for.

-Mitchell Taylor, Mountains Like Wax

"Luke is one of the most prolific and talented videographers I’ve ever met — and I’m not just saying that! He pays attention to every detail of the project at hand, is extremely connected and empathetic to whatever emotion the artist is seeking to convey, and handles every project with  precision and care.

It doesn’t feel like you’re working with someone who’s just trying to punch their freelance card. Luke really cares, and that shines through every piece of art that he creates."  

-Casey Williams, Touma

“Working with Mossflower Pictures was incredible. He took so much time to discuss my creative vision for my video and he executed it perfectly. He brings a sense of personality and professionalism to his work that really shows in the videos.“ 

-Dustin Dixon